Medical area


Its main objective is to keep and restore our residents state of health, from a biological perspective. Our sanitary staff provides continuous assistance in shifts, taking care of both chronic and acute diseases in a personalized way and with special attention to the preventive aspects (vaccinations, diets, etc.) and affective aspects that our elders need.


It is the department in charge of guaranteeing the clinical stability of our residents and applying a rehabilitation treatment aimed at the recovery of the activities of daily life, establishing a personalized care plan. It has the specific responsibility of providing and promoting the best nursing care, as well as collaborating with the social and sanitary system for the correct use of resources. It is important to emphasize that it is responsible for promoting and recommending preventive health programs, as well as identifying the characteristics of the symptoms of chronic and acute diseases in elderly people, and trying to educate for health.


Nursing assistants are in charge of our residents health and assistance. They are a huge source of information and communication for the rest of the staff that makes up the Team. As auxiliary personnel, they keep a constant attention, performing all the Basic Activities of Daily Life (bath, clothing, feeding, laundry distribution, rooms tidying up… )



  • Medical consultations.
  • Referral to specialists.
  • Wound cures.
  • Blood pressure, blood glucose, analytical and weight measure and control.
  • Attention to hydration and nutrition.
  • Influenza and pneumococcal vaccination campaign.
  • Palliative care.
  • Prevention and cure of Pressure Ulcers Program, as well as caused by wet and vascular ulcers.

Services area


We have specialized staff in the maintenance, restoration and acquisition / disposal of material and facilities, for the correct operation of machinery and in the performance of scheduled activities.


In our center, personalized menus are designed, varied and adapted to the tastes and needs of our residents, taking into account their personal health characteristics and in continuous coordination with the medical department. Our cuisine is characterized by being traditional, made at the moment and prepared daily by our chefs, who are aware of the preparation of healthy dishes.


The laundry, ironing and cleaning service is carried out in our center, by qualified and specialized personnel for this purpose.


Our center has its own Christian chapel, where the Holy Mass is celebrated daily for our residents, family and volunteers who wish to attend.

Functional area


Its main objective is to keep the level of independence of our residents as long as possible, through the performance of activities that prevent physical deterioration and keep and / or maximize basic physical abilities (walking, mobility, balance …), as well as functional recovery after trauma (fractures), neurological diseases (hemiplegia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s …) and other processes that cause an increase in the functional dependence of the resident.



  • Physical rehabilitation.
  • Specific physiotherapeutic treatment.
  • Training in use of technical helps during walking.
  • Neurological and traumatological physiotherapy.
  • Thermotherapy, massage therapy and electrotherapy.
  • Prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.
  • Hydrotherapy (Aquagym).


Its main aim is to recover our resident’s maximum personal autonomy in the activities of daily life through occupation, as well as preserve the overall functional abilities of the person. Occupational Therapy is responsible for programming activities that promote active leisure, using the environment and activity as a purpose, to help the person acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to develop daily tasks and achieve the highest level of independence.



  • Training and reeducation of the Basic Activities of Daily Life (bath, clothing, toilet and food).
  • Prevention and treatment of falls.
  • Recovery of walking ability.
  • Assessment and treatment of dysphagia.
  • Cognitive stimulation program.
  • Therapy assisted by animals (dogs).
  • Caring without restraints Program.
  • Leisure programs: play-therapy, film-forum, labortherapy, cooking workshop…
  • Therapeutic trips.

Psycho-social area


The Social Worker is responsible for promoting the Social Welfare of the residents, acting as a mediator between them and their environment, both social and family with the aim of preventing any situation of social risk. In order to achieve a harmony between the family and the resident, they work jointly, making reception and integration of residents much easier, so as supporting the adaptation of the user to the center and the family to the new situation.



  • Processing of official documents.
  • Application for individual aids.
  • Family counseling.
  • Processing of pensions.
  • Recognition of the Dependency Situation request.
  • Outside trips organization.


The psychologist has the aim of promoting the maximum psychosocial well-being of each resident in their environment. They develop programs that prevent and stop cognitive impairment, improve the quality of life of our residents and enhance social links. On the other hand, they attend to the needs of our elders, counseling and supporting families, which is essential, as this improves interpersonal relationships, adaptation of our residents and eventually their quality of life.



  • Psychostimulation Program.
  • Therapeutic intervention program in patients with dementia.
  • Individualized psychological treatment.
  • Wandering residents control.
  • Intergenerational meetings.
  • Music Therapy Program.
  • Sleep Control Program.

External Services


It is an external service, not included in the Residence fee, attended by a professional hairdresser who attends our center on a weekly or demand basis, offering cheaper prices to our residents.



  • All hairdressing services (washing, styling, cutting, blow- dry, dyeing…)
  • Manicure.
  • Waxing.


It is also an external service, not included in the Residence fee, attended by a professional chiropodist who attends our center on a monthly or demand basis.



  • Removal of callosities or hyperkeratosis.
  • Ingrown toenails control.
  • Treatment of papillomas.
  • Milling.

Administrative area

The Management and Administration department of the Virgen del Carmen Residence attends, guides and offers the necessary help to residents and / or family in the management of their administrative tasks.