The Virgen del Carmen Foundation-Residence, has 153 places in total, of which 110 are arranged with the Junta de Andalucía, regulated through the ‘Dependency Law’, and the remaining 43 are privately managed. Since 2010, we have our Day Stay Unit, with a total of 30 places, with a daytime regime (20 public and 10 private). 

Our Residence is built in two modules linked together, which have common staying rooms, dining rooms, kitchen, bedrooms, interior and exterior courtyards, bio-healthy circuit, visiting rooms, intervention rooms and offices. 

We have a total of 83 bedrooms, divided into different modules according to dependency levels. They are all double bedrooms. They have a built-in adapted bathroom, natural light, articulated beds, individual wardrobes, central heating, air conditioning and have an antenna for TV and DVD. It should be pointed out that all bedrooms have an emergency bell and an auxiliary light in each headboard. 

Furthermore, in the surroundings of our center there are several green areas (parks) where our independent residents can go for a walk and where visitors can have a moment of retreat outdoors and nearby; There are also several coffee shops, a public health center, sports facilities, supermarkets and small shops … that make the environment accessible.

Our professionals

 Our aim is to offer a qualified, personalized and comprehensive attention to our residents. In other words, it is not enough to cover the basic needs of feeding, support, hygiene, housing, but our goal is to provide medical, psychological, social, occupational, physiotherapeutic, recreational, cultural, etc. to cover all areas that constitute and conform to individuals.

 In order to reach these objectives, the Residence has the necessary human, technical and economic resources. The staff of our center consists of fully qualified professionals to develop the course of our work.


Medical area

(Doctor + Nursing + Nursing assistants)

Psycho-social area

(Psychology + Social Work)

Functional area

(Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy)

Administrative area

(Management + Administration)

Services area

(Maintenance + Kitchen + laundry and cleaning + Religious)

External Services

(Hairdressing + Chiropody)