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Who are we?

Mission and Vision

Our society is constantly changing, and with it, the structure of itself: new family models emerge, the incorporation of women into the labor market, the increase in life expectancy, changes in traditional values ​​… in conclusion, it is gradually more difficult, due to the imposition of today’s society, to reconcile, to balance work and family life with the care of our elders.

 In 1987, The Virgen del Carmen Foundation-Residence was born, a non-profit organization located in Estepona, dedicated to the assistance and comprehensive care of the elderly. Our work focuses on three basic principles: respect for the elderly, personalized attention and cooperation between the different professionals and our residents’ families.

 In 2009, our Day Stay Unit was created to support those families who cannot devote themselves all their time to the care of their elders and who, on the other hand, need continuous stimulation to avoid deterioration. Our Day Stay Unit has a total of 30 places (10 of which are privately managed and 20 are arranged with the Department of Health and Social Welfare of Junta de Andalucía), with a schedule from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., with the main aim of providing comprehensive attention to the basic needs, as well as therapeutic and sociocultural needs of our users, that may have a varying level of physical or psychological dependency status.